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Being Kind to Kim: When Things Go Wrong

I enjoyed my Christmas break. Lucinda had the foresight to give her clients a "time out" over the holidays if they wanted one and I took it. I ate good food (including chocolate), drank beer and wine (sometimes in excess), and spent time with friends and family. I am proud to say that there wasn't one moment when I beat myself up after making poor nutrition choices. I enjoyed my bad choices, dammit!

But then came the time to get back to work. Play time was over and it was time to climb back onto the scale... drumroll please... EIGHT POUNDS?!? I had lost 25 pounds overall since I started with Lucinda in mid-August and so eight pounds was nearly one third of all of my hard work! So I started beating myself up about all of my choices at this point. It sounded a little bit like this: "Kim, you shouldn't have had that piece of pie at your parents' house." "Kim, you shouldn't have had so much beer, wine, booze, etc, etc!" "Kim, what were you thinking? Eight pounds?!? You are disgusting. Why can't you control yourself?" I was not being kind to myself.

Luckily though, I had signed up for another "DietBet". I paid $30 to lose 4% of my body weight in 25 days. I wasn't about to lose that $30, so I had no choice but to pick myself back up and "get back on the horse". With some support from Lucinda, and some reassurance that "it's probably mostly water weight", I started back with my good clean eating habits. I also looked back on the list of things to do to "Be Kind to Kim" and did some of those things (have a bath, move my body, connect with a friend, etc.). And I drank water! I drank LOTS of water! And VOILA!

This was my weight loss in 24 hours

In 24 hours I had lost 4.8 pounds! Seriously. I'm not making this up. I thought my scale was broken - it was incredible! I'm not a nutritionist like Lucinda, but here's my theory... My body knows that I have been eating super-clean and so when my stomach and my cells started receiving all that CRAP food/drink, they decided to store it on the pantry shelves, so to speak. And when I started eating clean again, they threw that CRAP out, just like I did when I first started this journey! (What do you think, Lucinda? Is that a good theory?) ;)

So what did I learn? It's okay to get off track, especially when it means enjoying food with friends and family over the holidays... and when your body gains weight because of those delicious choices, don't beat yourself up over it! Trust your body. Trust yourself that you can get back on the horse and continue down the right path!

I'll leave you with this quote because it came to mind as I was writing this blog...

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