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I was unhealthy, tired all the time and READY for change. I went on the journey of eating real food and wading my way through all the marketing for "diets". I discovered that eating REAL wholefoods achieved health, energy and sustainable weight loss. 


I have maintained my  weight loss 6  years now. I am determined to help others findÔÇ»the path to real food, good choices and perhaps bypass the traditional "diets". I have extensive research, first-hand experience and education to help you find a healthy weight and optimum health. 


Let’s do this together! 


Who am I?

What is

The Plan?


I offer Nutrition and weight loss coaching, personal training and guided hikes.  I am a mom to 2 young kids, I lost over 50 lbs by cutting out processed food and sugar. I learned SO much along the way and I am inspired and passionate about helping people. There is no struggle or road block I haven't personally overcome myself. Offering assessments and coaching sessions that are designed for the individual and meets each individual's needs. Coaching in person and online - it doesn't matter where you are, I offer assistance and accountability on your weight loss journey.