Who am I?


I was unhealthy, tired all the time and READY for change. I went on the journey of eating real food and wading my way through all the marketing for "diets". I discovered that eating REAL wholefoods achieved health, energy and sustainable weight loss. 


 I am determined to help others find the path to real food, good choices and perhaps bypass the traditional "diets". I have extensive research, first-hand experience and education to help you find a healthy weight and optimum health. 


Let’s do this together! 



I have been working with Lucinda on nutrition counselling since August of last year. I have gone through so many things over that time, but she has helped me through so many issues with my nutrition. The first month I lost 10lbs out of the 30 that I wanted to lose overall. She is awesome!


Never ever think that you cant get support encouragement and epic personal training sessions when you're at home and isolated. Lucinda provides instruction directly suited for your fitness level, challenges you with fun, humor and support to push beyond what you think you can do...at the end your sweaty and proud of yourself for showing up. So my advice show up for Lucindas online class. You won't be disappointed