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Summer snack hack!

Summer speeds past.... end of June and you feel like you have so much time... You look up from the blur of fun packed days and Costco has snowsuits. FOR REAL... and you check the calendar and realize that's crazy. But back to school is coming... Quicker than you thought. It happens to me every summer.

One of the ways I get ready for the kids to go back is to start on the school snack stockpile early. I make 1-2 snacks to freeze each week. If I start now, that is 6 weeks of snack making. Potentially 6-10 dozen snacks in the freezer. Not too crazy right?

So I am starting now. Packing that snack box in the freezer, so I am not panicking the week before and needing to bake for 3 days in a row. I would rather spend that last week with the kids packing in as much fun as possible. So if time allows try this hack over the next few weeks.

Home backed snacks for the kids! All ready in your freezer. (Here are 2 of my favorites to make and freeze)

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