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Being Kind to Kim: I am an Emotional Eater

I recently borrowed the book, "Breaking Free from Emotional Eating" by Geneen Roth from Lucinda's book lending shelf. (side note: Lucinda has an excellent book collection that her clients are welcome to borrow from) Anyways, I'm about halfway through the book and holy moly, am I ever having some revelations about myself!

First (and this is the biggest for me)... I need to eat when I'm HUNGRY. Not when it's noon, not when I'm bored, not when I feel like I SHOULD be eating, not when I'm watching TV and want a snack, not when I'm driving and see a Timmies coming up... I need to eat when I'm HUNGRY. It sounds simple, right? Well I am realizing that I haven't been eating when I'm hungry. I've been eating in anticipation of my hunger, or when I'm bored or lonely, or just because! So I started waiting for a hungry feeling before eating. Always. I think that before I started this process, I was AFRAID of being HUNGRY. Sounds weird, right? But yeah. We feel our emotions more intensely when we are hungry and the feeling of hunger is a little bit uncomfortable. I think I was eating to avoid hunger to avoid feeling and acknowledging unpleasant emotions! Woah, that's big stuff! Something else I've learned (through the book and with Lucinda's support) is to listen to my body and how it reacts to the food that I feed it. Does the food feel good in my body? Do I feel energized by what I eat or does it make me feel uncomfortable somehow? When I have more awareness of how the foods make my body physically feel, I can make more informed choices about what I choose to fuel myself with. Lucinda recommended this book to me and I'm having some major revelations while reading it. I wonder what book she would recommend for you?

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