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Being Kind to Kim (and HONEST!)

I've gotten really good at speaking gently and kindly to myself. I no longer think things like "these pants make me look fat" or "man, my butt is big". This is HUGE for me! But... (and this is a BIG BUTT, ha ha)... I have to be careful that the pendulum doesn't swing too far in the other direction. What I mean is, sometimes I speak so kindly to myself that I think I am a swimsuit model or something! Ok, not really. But almost! I need a reality check and I need to be honest with myself. Take a deep breath, Kim, here it comes!... You are eating healthier, for sure! Great job! You are more physically active than before! Way to go! You've lost over 30 pounds! That's awesome! Butt.... you still aren't at your goal. If we speak mathematically, you are 60% of the way to your goal. More than halfway is good, but you really have a ways to go still. You are still in the "overweight" category according to your BMI. And when you look at pictures of yourself, you can see where you would like to slim down. Time to focus on my original goals. What did I write down in the very beginning, when I first met with Lucinda? I wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes and in my own skin. I wanted to be able to keep up with baby Piper as she learns to walk (and run)! And I want to look good for our 20 year reunion - I want to be proud to be in the pictures!

You've come a long ways and I am proud of you, but you do have more work to do. Don't quit now.

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