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Motivation Hacks Review

Honest. Funny. Memorable. Researched. Helpful. Those are the words that I think of when I think back on Lucinda's Weight Loss Motivation Hacks class that I attended last night. Lucinda, as always, is entertaining, animated and informative to listen to. She tells it like it is, is knowledgeable about her topic, but isn't afraid to throw in some humour.

I completed the homework that she gave me at the class the very next day and I found that it really helped me to reflect on my weight loss journey. I will certainly be referring back to my notes and my homework in the future, as I feel like there are layers of learning for me to complete there. She also mentioned a few resources during this class: a podcast, some books she has in her lending library, some YouTube videos... These are easy (and free) ways I can take it to the next level, so to speak. Thank you Lucinda for an informative and pleasant evening. I will certainly be passing along the $40 gift card (that came with the class) to a friend who will be grateful.

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