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Being Kind to Kim - Motherhood

Make bottles, do the laundry, feed the baby, burp the baby, change a diaper, entertain the baby... and REPEAT! When do I have time to prepare healthy meals for myself? When do I have time to take the time to be kind to myself?

Like anything, I will have time for it if I make it a PRIORITY. I was really struggling with this this past week. I made some changes that I hope will help me out:

1. I deleted the iPhone game that I was addicted to! YIKES! It wasn't making me feel good and I would waste hours on it. It was scary, but I did it! 2. I decided on a schedule for my breakfasts and lunches.... Eggs for breakfast, protein shake for lunch. Then I only have supper to pre-plan for! 3. Lucinda gave me homework. I had to create a list of feel-good things I could do for myself and strive to do at least one thing a day. My list: take an epsom bath, read something (not iphone), dance to Fitness Marshall, drink tea, go for a walk, play guitar, paint/draw, and reach out to a friend. This has really helped. Thanks Lucinda!

You know how the stewardess on the plane instructs you to put on your oxygen mask FIRST before helping the person next to you? Well, I have to take care of myself FIRST before I can expect to give quality help to my family or friends.

Being Kind to Kim means making it a PRIORITY to take care of myself - with my healthy fuel food and with kind acts. Motherhood includes loving yourself and your child. <3

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