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Finding Joy- Week 1

Joy's Story- The Coach's perspective;

Joy came to me discouraged. She had lost the weight and then gained it back, she felt defeated by repeating the process. There was a lot of talk of " last time I did this..."

At her first meeting we did a full assessment. She already knew all her stats. BMI, BMR, Body Fat %, nutrition, exercise, healthy weight... NO surprises. She knew her stuff. After an assessment I create a CUSTOM action plan. Her plan did not involve nutrition, or a meal plan. It involved, support system, and talked about the accountability, I made a rule " NO looking back" This was the start and DAY 1.

Joy has a journey and it is going to take a few months. She can do this.. I hear there is a cute dress waiting at the finish line?

If you know her, you know she gets involved in her community and helps out everyone who knows her, knows she is the BEST cheerleader. If you see her, give her a high 5... Lets DO THIS!

Thanks Joy for being SO vulnerable, in sharing your story with us.

Joys Blog March 7, 2016 - 210lbs - Blog 1

My first session with Lucinda was humbling. It's hard to face your numbers with someone else. Naked in the morning I can walk away from the scale with promises to myself "tomorrow I need to do something about that". With Lucinda, there was no walking away from those numbers. I am committing to this journey, to be honest and admit my failures. I want to wear that goal dress, I want the energy, the body and my self confidence back. In the next 6 months and am going to loose 70lbs (OMG!), blog once a week, learn to meditate, track (track, track and track some more) and keep seeing Lucinda to keep accountable. In 6 months in going to get into that little grey dress and I am going to ROCK IT!

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