Thriving Through the holidays part 1

Christmas and the holiday season are full of magic and joy, but for most of us it also includes STRESS! We pack a ton of activities, socializing and deadlines into a short time period. I am starting the month off talking about stress for a reason. Stress causes many physical symptoms that can be very negative. Long terms stress can cause adrenal fatigue as well as weight gain. So what do you do? 1. Don't overschedule- It is ok to say no! 2. Don't worry about the small stuff- Keep what is important in mind. A perfectly clean house or a perfect wrapping job- not top priority! 3. DO take time to enjoy the magic of the season, slow down and enjoy the parts you like... Christmas lights, music, t

Finding Joy- Stress and how to manage it...

The effect of stress Over the past few weeks I have been under some stress. Work, family and volunteering have all taken a part of my limited supply of energy and I often find myself at the bottom of the priority list. I missed answering a few texts and that's all it took for me to feel awful and start a downward spiral of not sleeping well, eating poorly and watching some weight creep back on. A quick call to my weight loss coach/angel Lucinda and a refreshing walk in the park to talk and have a good cry was what this girl needed. Hearing that I needed to start putting myself first (just like being kind to Kim!) is not only hard but very necessary. It's also REALLY hard to hear that you nee

Finding Joy- Dress Success!!

DRESS SUCCESS So, this week I went dress shopping. This is an activity that a lot of women (including myself) dread as the mirrors are never flattering and the size you end up with is depressing! This time was a completely different experience. Walking into Ricki's I went right for the size 16 dresses. In fact I even made a comment that I might not be able to fit into dresses at normal clothing stores. For the last year I have been wearing my large sized pants assuming that they were a bit big but still my current size, boy was I wrong. In the change room I tried on the sized 16 dress and got a chuckle as it was almost comically large. I got it switched out for the size 14 that was still too

Client Review of Coaching

Client review of Coaching with Lucinda; "I've never really had a problem with losing weight but I like my snacks and I don't ever want to deny myself food. My issue is feeling entitled to having a snack but when I have one I can't stop. That is when I sought out Lucinda's help to be my accountability and my tell it like it is "coach". I was also looking for more satisfying snacks that I would start craving more than non nutritious snacks. It was Lucinda's knowledge of current nutrition and coaching information that got me through my weight loss but also provided me with a couple a a-ha! moments when I knew what I was eating wasn't great for me. Lucinda was there for me even on the days when

Motivation Hacks Review

Honest. Funny. Memorable. Researched. Helpful. Those are the words that I think of when I think back on Lucinda's Weight Loss Motivation Hacks class that I attended last night. Lucinda, as always, is entertaining, animated and informative to listen to. She tells it like it is, is knowledgeable about her topic, but isn't afraid to throw in some humour. I completed the homework that she gave me at the class the very next day and I found that it really helped me to reflect on my weight loss journey. I will certainly be referring back to my notes and my homework in the future, as I feel like there are layers of learning for me to complete there. She also mentioned a few resources during this c

Talking Nutrition at a young age...

I have the privledge to go speak at a few schools this week. I was impressed at how interested and engaged the kids were. They had great questions and soaked up the information. I think we can start really early teaching kids about food choices. Thanks for letting me come and speak at the Holy Trinity Catholic school! Here is a review from the teacher; "Lucinda came into my health class and did an excellent presentation on healthy eating, buzz words in the health industry and the importance of fueling our body with clean foods. She broke down the basics in an age appropriate way and kept the students engaged with lots of conversation."

Being Kind to Kim - Accepting my Weaknesses!

Mmmmm, peanut butter balls! I am loving the increase in healthy fats in my diet (eggs, avocado, peanut butter, cheese in small amounts), and so I figured, heck!, why not make up a batch of healthy peanut butter balls. I could have one or two a day as a little healthy treat! Right? Right? WRONG!! I made a batch of peanut butter balls from this recipe, they were delicious and I proceeded to eat HALF THE RECIPE in ONE AFTERNOON! Oops!! But the good news, as I told my coach Lucinda, was that I didn't beat myself up about it. I took note of my behaviour and started fresh the next day! So that was good progress! However, I don't want to be eating a half recipe of peanut butter balls every day,

Simple nutrition part 3- protein

When I think about protein I think bodybuilders eating raw eggs and guzzling protein shakes. The reality is we all need protein. Here is a little video I made about protein - I hope this keeps it simple for you!

I get paid to lose weight! Seriously.

Usually when I read a headline like that, it is too good to be true. But I have seriously made some money on my weight loss journey, and I plan on making more! I'm a client of Lucinda's and she suggested a great app to help me with my weight loss motivation. It's called "DietBet" and how it works is you bet a certain amount of money that you will lose a certain amount of weight by a certain time. There are "games" that you join and people make comments, post pictures, etc. in the game. It's quite cool, actually. So for my first DietBet game, I paid $35 on my credit card, lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks and won $48.32. I just finished my second game; again I paid $35, lost another 8 pounds in 4

Finding Joy- Who's your cheerleader?

There are weeks I wish I didn't have to tell you about how this journey's going. On weeks that I'm on track and losing weight I want to shout it out to everyone, and when I'm struggling I want to hide my struggles. The last thing we want to do is face our own shortcomings in a public setting, but I committed to this journey with Lucinda and so even when I sit here staring at my screen thinking, "what can I possibly share about my HORRIBLE week?", I remember that everyone does this. We are on the ball, then off, then on, and back and forth. For me, I struggle with keeping my food, hunger, exercise and mental health to the top of my already busy schedule. The busier I get, the less time I spen

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