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Finding Joy- Stress and how to manage it...

The effect of stress

Over the past few weeks I have been under some stress. Work, family and volunteering have all taken a part of my limited supply of energy and I often find myself at the bottom of the priority list. I missed answering a few texts and that's all it took for me to feel awful and start a downward spiral of not sleeping well, eating poorly and watching some weight creep back on. A quick call to my weight loss coach/angel Lucinda and a refreshing walk in the park to talk and have a good cry was what this girl needed. Hearing that I needed to start putting myself first (just like being kind to Kim!) is not only hard but very necessary. It's also REALLY hard to hear that you need to pull back from a few things to get yourself back on track. So, for the week, I didn't track, didn't workout and stopped beating myself up about what was going on. Instead I LOVED myself and kept my stress taking over. Now that things have quieted down, its the right time to kick it into gear! If you learn anything from my few weeks, it's that you can take a breather but make sure you get back on track!

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