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Finding Joy- Dress Success!!


So, this week I went dress shopping. This is an activity that a lot of women (including myself) dread as the mirrors are never flattering and the size you end up with is depressing! This time was a completely different experience. Walking into Ricki's I went right for the size 16 dresses. In fact I even made a comment that I might not be able to fit into dresses at normal clothing stores. For the last year I have been wearing my large sized pants assuming that they were a bit big but still my current size, boy was I wrong. In the change room I tried on the sized 16 dress and got a chuckle as it was almost comically large. I got it switched out for the size 14 that was still too big. Nervously I tried on the 12 and to my HUGE SURPRISE it was still TOO BIG!! I ended up buying the size 10 dress (6 sizes smaller than what I was sure was my size). Such a huge victory and an amazing uplifting feeling. There is nothing like losing weight and trying on your new sized clothing. Such an amazing feeling that will keep me motivated for months to come!

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