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But why?

I'm reading this amazing book called " If I'm So Smart Why Can't I Lose Weight" by Brooke Castillo. It states that food is not the problem, overeating is. We need to check in with ourselves and find out why? Why do we overeat? Why don't we stop when full? What is the underlying reasons?

This is the hard work, with coaching and being coached. Most of us don't want to look deeper. Sometimes as a coach I don't want to make people uncomfortable, to face your innermost hang ups. I prefer to just talk nutrition. But it is the necessary step. If you can work through the " why" then it's not an ongoing struggle for your whole life. If you know the information about healthy food, good choices, macros, calories... Yet you still struggle with your weight. It might be time to ask why.

I have some tools to help you. I want you to get the answers, work through them so you never have to diet again.

It's time to ask why...

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