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What if?

So I have a Birthday coming up this week.

IT makes me think about time and what 2018 could look like? Ready for some deep introspection.... What are your "What if's"?

I have been asking myself some big questions that start with, what if?

What if I got really comfortable with being visible this year? (HELLO front page of the newspaper!)

What if I decided to play big?

What if I ignored the haters?

What if I hiked as many hikes as time would allow?

What if I was open and said YES to all new great opportunities?

What if I had HUGE amounts of FUN with my kids as often as possible?

What if I embraced more joy and less frustration?

What if this was the best year so far?

What if it was the last year?

What would I do different?

What are your what if's?

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