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Why do you need a personal trainer?

When it comes to being healthy, you need to do more than just focus on what you eat. Exercise is a key component to your health but many people think exercise is limited to going to the gym. There are so many reasons that people don’t enjoy going to the gym: all the different machines can be complicated to use, you don’t know what exercises to do or how much weight to lift, you haven’t seen any changes in your body, you are overwhelmed or intimidated to be in a gym setting. Of course this is not a complete list but these are common reasons that people will not go to the gym. Working out in a gym is certainly not the only form of exercise you can do, but if you want to go to the gym and these reasons are holding you back then there is a solution. Work with a personal trainer!

Personal trainers do so much more than just give you exercises to do.

-They are there to educate you. They want to show you how to use the equipment and increase your confidence in using them. They are also going to show you proper form so that you reduce the risk of injuring yourself. A trainer will teach you different ways to exercise and get you comfortable with the facility so that you can eventually work at the gym without their assistance.

-They provide realistic goals. Once you tell them what you want to work on, they know how to get you there. They know what’s possible to achieve in a certain amount of time or how long it can take to reach a specific goal.

-They keep you accountable. You are likely to go to the gym and work with a trainer if you’ve already paid them and made a weekly commitment.

-They keep you motivated. A lot of us work harder when others are watching, your personal trainer will make sure you’re doing the work, staying on track, and not being lazy. They want you to accomplish your goals as much as you do.

-They will create a specially tailored program just for you. If you have any kind of special condition, or a past injury they know how to work around that.

-You might actually start to enjoy the gym. They might even be available to train you outside of the gym.

When it comes to exercise there is something out there for everyone and my suggestion is to do what you enjoy, that will make you motivated to actually be active and to do it often. That could be going for walks, playing on a recreation sports team, joining a group fitness class, or going to the gym. With the help of a personal trainer, even if that is just for a few weeks, you can learn to enjoy the gym; it may even become your favourite way of getting in your exercise.

Wendy Bastos

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