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Are diet pills and drinks safe?

Are Diet Supplements & Fads Safe?

Let’s take a minute or two to talk about “diets” and diet products. There are thousands of products and programs on the market that promise weight loss, an increase in metabolism, more energy, muscle gain, and all without doing any work or making lifestyle changes.

I’m sorry, but most things that are that easy… just aren’t true. This isn’t the answer that we want to hear, everyone wants change to be easy. So, before you consider joining any kind of program or taking a diet pill or drink, look out for a few things that you need to avoid:

  • Anything that claims QUICK & EASY weight loss

  • Products that claim to have a “scientific breakthrough for fat loss” or if a product offers “the secret to successful weight loss”

  • Products that say healthy weight loss is more than 1kg per week

  • Anything with a long list of possible side effects

  • Anything that eliminates entire food groups from your diet (carbs, fats, protein, fruit & veggies) or tells you to only eat a specific food group

If you follow these points, can you find any diet pill or plan that actually meets these criteria? In most cases weight loss can happen while on a plan or supplement, but once you stop, the weight comes back. This is because it is not a lifestyle change and it is not something you want to be doing for the rest of your life. The best option really is to adjust your eating habits, gain a bit more knowledge on nutrition, and start doing more exercise than you’re doing currently. But this does not mean going to the gym 5-7 days a week. This just means to do activities that get you moving more often and that you enjoy.

Based on my education I’ve understood that if you want to change your body then the only way to do that is by doing the hard work, mainly fixing your food habits and adding exercise. I have never bought into the idea that lifelong change can happen from an “all-in-one” product.


Notes from Lucinda;

I have been hearing and researching more data with these fads. The information is dire. I have heard of Liver function, immune system and metabolism being damaged. Please think twice before taking pills or drinks or attempting drastic measures. We all want a quick fix, or the easy way and it is NOT worth it.

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