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Healthy Kids?

How can I get my kids healthy?

My child has extra weight on, what can I do?

How do I get my kids to eat healthy food?

These are common things people ask me and I thought i would answer them. I don't coach people under the age of 18, but i am a mom and most of my clients are parents. It is no secret that childhood obesity is on the rise and becoming a very real problem. What can we do as parents to help?

1. Lead by example! This is number 1 for a reason. No child will ask for a salad with fruit for lunch if you are eating chips and pop. You get to lead by example with food and snacks. What about fun? If your idea of fun is walking, biking, hiking, swimming.... your kids will get on board with that. I take my kids hiking. A 6 year old wont just decide to climb a mountain to find a water fall on their own. YOU get to define what is fun. What are you seen eating? What are you seen doing? Lead by example. It's not too late to change this. You can say... We are all getting healthy and strong together!!

2. Supply the house with healthy choices. You do the shopping right?

I talk about this in my grocery tour. DONT buy the junk and they wont have junk to eat.

I had a friend ask me how to get her 2 year old to stop drinking so much juice? Stop buying juice. I also suggested a cool water bottle. (fill it with water) You are in control of what comes into the house. If the kids are older.. let them pick what veggies and fruit they want as snacks. A game to play in the grocery store is they can pick the snack as long as it has less than 3 ingredients. Keep a full convenient supply of healthy snacks. Kids want easy and so do you. Chopped veggies, a full fruit bowl.... It does not have to be time consuming or expensive.

3. Get moving! Shut off the tv/phone/computer/ipad!

Get outside, go for a walk, a bike, a run or a swim. Think back to when you were a kid. What did you love to do?

I will tell you a secret... I hate taking the kids to the park. So I go walk the paths by the park when I take them. Find something you enjoy and take the kids along. Love to run? run while they bike. Kids need exercise and fresh air and so do you!!

You might have noticed a theme. You are in charge. You get to lead. You will get healthy as well. When mom gets healthy- EVERYONE gets healthy!! It might take some effort at first but you will be creating new habits for your family.

I offer grocery store tours that are kid friendly and health focused. I encourage you to bring the kids along. Here is a link to register for the next one.

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