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Southern Alberta Permaculture Convergence

I was so excited to be asked to be a workshop presenter for the convergence this year. I was unsure what to expect but said YES and went.... Here is the blog about my adventures and what I learned. If you have not read my blog about being a WOOFer last summer, you should! It goes into detail about Permaculture and all it entails.

Friday afternoon I headed to Turner Valley and got there in time to help with registration. I was happy to meet so many people that were ready for a weekend of nerding out abut plants and soil and mushrooms....

We brought a food item that resulted in the most epic, home grown food nerd pot luck of all time. Fantastic choices and too small of a plate!

A inspiring message by the Keynote speaker Javin, titled " Right Livelyhood" It involved incorporating your value system into anything you do, permaculture design and day jobs alike. It was about living your most authentic life to find fulfilment. The theme of incorporating your value system into all that you do continued through out all of the workshops. It resonated with us all.

The summer camp feel started when we washed up our own dishes and headed off to a pool party. Not just ANY pool party... The discussion ranged from backyard chickens to Creating communities and the challenges that presents. I learned about Permaculture guilds and the noises that peacocks make. We swam around making new friends, nerding out about common interests and cooling off.

Saturday was packed full of workshops;

Permaculture tour and lunch

I started with Permaculture design. I left inspired to make changes to my own yard to incorporate community and what works for my lifestyle. Food Forestry and Herbal infusions. There were many others and I wished I could be in 3 spaces at once. I did attend the Lunch and tour at a Urban Permaculture farm. I have some great photos of that space and lunch. We in packed a TON of info into one short day.

If you are interested in growing your own food and sustainable growing and food production I encourage you to get involved with a local Permaculture group, take classes and don't miss out on next years convergence.

My main take away is this.

Be sure to know your value system and weave it through every aspect of your life, work, play and garden. Find your food close by, your garden or the farmer you know. Don't underestimate the medicinal power of Alberta weeds. What I once pulled out and fed to the chickens or composted I now am making into salad and nourishing herbal infusions.

Please pick my brain about all I learned. I could talk about this subject for DAYS. And right now.... I have room in my car for you to come with me to next years convergence!

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