Sugar Pitfalls- Guest Blog

Last Monday I had a revelation! I was so tired of being fat and having no energy that I decided to finally cut my sugar. I've been participating in Lucinda's Sugar Fix course and actually doing the homework and I feel great! I was so used to having at least two double double coffees every day and I started substituting that with Lucinda's fire coffee which is awesome! For the first two days I was a little hungry and needed to have a little bit of a bigger mid-morning snack before lunch but I started feeling great after that - I loved having more energy! But then the weekend came and I thought, oh, I'll just have a little treat! I had coffee, then wine, then chips and I got a wicked headache for a couple days. I feel renewed today! It's a new week and I had my fire coffee this morning and will have a healthy mid-morning snack. I also will be registering for a 5K and will start heading out for a walk/run tonight to train for that, so I'm excited! Excited to be in a better healthy situation, excited to lose a few pounds, excited to wear the cute clothes I haven't been able to fit into. So if you're struggling, just know that every Monday is a new week and it's never too late to drink more water or make better food choices. Like the kind with only one ingredient!

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