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Camping and BBQ food ideas!

Camping and BBQ season can seem tricky to stay on track and make healthy choices. There are MANY great real foods that taste fantastic on the BBQ or over the fire. Plan ahead for success. Dont bring the junk. Sometimes we get in the rut of tradition and what has always been done. You get to choose what you eat. Just because you always used to eat chips out camping, does not mean that is what needs to happen this year. If you are invited to a BBQ- be the one to bring the healthy dish!

Here is a list of ideas;



– individual oatmeal packets (just add hot water) – fresh fruit (depending on what, may not need a cooler) – eggs (*cooler item) – bacon (regular or turkey *cooler item) – greek yogurt (*cooler item) – grilled grapefruit


– protein bars (Quest or Premier Protein bars or any low sugar, high protein bar) – beef or turkey jerky – nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc) – protein powder and shaker cup for protein shakes (just add ice/water) – trail mix or any nuts/dried fruits – rice cakes (flavored or regular) – jarred salsa with baked tortilla chips or pita chips – cheese (*cooler needed) – popcorn snack packs – Snapea Crisps.


– bagged salad with dressing (*cooler needed)

– cooked chicken breasts

- Corn on the cob

- Roasted veggies in foil packs – hard boiled eggs (boil and peel at home and store on container, *cooler needed) – bagged baby carrots, cucumber, snap peas (*keep cool) – canned tuna or salmon

Here is a Great website for BBQ ideas.

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