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Mirror Talk

I am SURE I have talked about this before. It is so important and can really set our day up for success or failure. What do we say to ourselves when looking in the mirror?

Everyone needs that gentle reminder to speak kindly. Listen to your thoughts, listen to what you are saying about your body. NOW ... would you say that to a 5 year old little girl?

I want to encourage you to be saying kind words, start your day building yourself up. I gave this assignment to a client and her husband got involved. She shared her action plan with him that I sent. After a few days he noticed she may not have been doing this step... So he wrote a compliment. Every day, a new one. Lovely kind words about her. Then her son wanted to get involved and he starting writing kind words about mommy. She sent me this photo, the mirror almost covered. Positive, kind, compliments and affirmations. She reads every single one and starts her day this way. With kind words. What if we all did that. Not necessarily sticky notes. Just kind words. What if you looked in that mirror and gave yourself a compliment? Focused on all of your positive traits? Would your day change? Your attitude? I dare you... interrupt the negative with kind words. It will change your day. It might even change your life. I promise!

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