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How to create change...

Have you ever had a friend that was ready to change so they just did it? Made a decision and hit the ground sprinting? OR have a friend that wants to change but never quite gets to the action part? We all want some change at some point. Quit smoking? Change careers? Eat Healthy? Start exercising?

These 2 types of people got me wondering? Why do we change? What drives us to change? and What gives us that nudge into action?

Anytime I am curious about something, I read and study. So I did just that and I learned a few things.

Every personality is different, but there are a few constants.

1. We all desire change at some point.

2. We all get ready for change in different ways. At this stage we get really clear on the problem.

3. Action happens usually when we know what the problem is, and accept that we are in control of changing our actions.

Sounds simple? right?

The desiring change and then getting to the point of taking action can take days or years.

I have coaching clients that come in with the desire to change but no where near ready for the action. I also have clients, ready, willing and then off to the races. They take every action step and more.

So how do you make it happen?

Start with your why? Why do you want the change? What bothers you most?

Are you willing to be uncomfortable and ...

1. Take the responsibility on yourself for the problem and the solution. This is HUGE!! When we stop blaming others or circumstances we can get closer to the action. All it takes is YOU. YOU get to be in charge of changing your life.

2. Are you ready to resolve any conflicts holding you back? Fear of failure is a big one for most of us.

3. Ready to take the (possibly uncomfortable ) action steps? Embrace uncomfortable- change happens outside your comfort zone.

It is ok if it takes some time to work the steps. let me know when you are ready. I can help you walk through them!

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