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Finding Joy- Sugar and sunshine

I gave up sugar this past few weeks and WOW was that a shock. It wasn't shocking that it was something I craved, or even something that was bad for me (we all know the downsides to sugar and sugar addiction) but it was SHOCKING how often I had to check myself and not eat the sugar/donut/drink/dessert. I clearly have no idea how often I have been giving in and just have "a few" of the mini eggs or "just a spoonful" of sugar in my coffee. When you have to give it up and notice these small actions you become so much more aware of each bite and taste you have been indulging in. It was a great reminder and humbling that this journey is an ever evolving road to discover more about the way that my mind works when it comes to food and my emotional triggers. Stress and boredom are the reasons that I choose to indulge and they are when I have to be the most mindful. If there is anything from my last 2 weeks of learning that I can share as a lesson learned, it's try and be mindful of what you are eating the choices you make...and if you are like me, giving up sugar to check yourself might just be YOUR answer too!

On another note...with this beautiful weather I have started RUNNING! If you need anything to get your head in the right space and feel empowered I suggest you take at least 15 minutes to get out into that beautiful sunshine and walk or run. It is AMAZING what it can do. In the last 3 weeks of nice weather that we have had I have dropped 2% of my body fat! It's so incredible what a little bit of exercise can do! If you are also struggling with limiting your sugar, Lucinda has a great "Sugar Fix" course that she offers! Email her!

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