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Being Kind to Kim: I'm Struggling!

I lied to Lucinda. Being "in it" for the long haul is hard. Nobody told me that converting to a healthy lifestyle was going to be easy. And certainly, losing weight is not easy. I'm on a plateau currently. I've been the same weight for a month and a half now... and I totally lied to Lucinda last week about how I'm feeling about it! "Yeah, Lucinda, I love my body right now and I don't want to lose any more weight!" is what I told her. Funny thing is, I totally thought that at the time. I was lying to myself to cover up the fact that I was feeling totally discouraged and defeated. So, now that I've come to the realization that I DO want to lose more weight, my coach is on holidays! What would Lucinda tell me? "Start with Being Kind to Kim. Be proud of how far you've come. Take a long, hard look at your successes. Speak kindly to yourself."

Yeah, okay. When I look at my progress photos, I certainly recognize that I have come a long ways! My bum and my tummy have shrunk significantly and there's extra room in my sleeve for my arm! :) And when I look at my line graph, it's amazing that I have lost nearly 30 pounds! I might be on a bit of a plateau now, but look at how far I've come in a short time! I am proud of me. Ah, that feels better. What else, Lucinda? "Go back to the basics. What was working for you? Drink lots of water, move your body, eat mindfully and eat whole foods." Right! Okay, you're right. I have been slacking on the water and the exercise for sure! I'll get back on it! I'm excited! This plateau isn't gonna get the best of me. All I needed was a reminder of how far I've come and where I'm headed. I've got this!

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