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Finding Joy- Drink Your Water!!

I've blogged about water in the past but felt I should go back to it. I have been falling short on the water drinking lately and have to make it a priority again. I started noticing that I was getting headaches a few weeks ago. I had to dig the pain killers back out of my desk that I haven't used in a while and all of a sudden I needed my lip chap everywhere I went. I noticed that I was getting tired sooner in the afternoon and in the past week I also noticed my skin was dryer and my body felt creaky and old :(. In just a few day of starting to drink more and more water I was able to start fixing all of my body's new aches and issues. I even started sleeping better. How crazy that just increasing water intake made such a difference. I have read that you need to take you weight divided by 2 and that's how many oz of water you should drink. For me, that's a LOT of water! But if I happen to get it all in during the day, I feel amazing that day and even into the next day. These next few weeks for me will be to re focus on water intake!

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