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Finding Joy- Surviving Christmas

Surviving Christmas

There is a lot of advice out there about surviving the holiday. Whether it's stress, food or all the Christmas cheer that gets to you there are hundreds of blogs, posts and instagram pictures about how to handle it in ten easy steps. If you are already in survival mode all that well meaning advise is going in one ear and out the other. I'm there too! In the middle of our 8 Christmas parties and functions that happen to fall in the Christmas season, the kids parties, school functions, sports, church and volunteer commitments my life is very busy. One big thing has stuck with me and made Christmas's ENJOY Christmas. Seriously, when I quit beating myself up for the cookie I had a work and the glass or two of wine I had at the party I stop the downward spiral before it even starts. It makes getting up in the morning and making good choices easy and the 5 pounds of holiday weight never show up. So if you want to survive the season, do like me and ENJOY it

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