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Client Review of Coaching

Client review of Coaching with Lucinda;

"I've never really had a problem with losing weight but I like my snacks and I don't ever want to deny myself food. My issue is feeling entitled to having a snack but when I have one I can't stop. That is when I sought out Lucinda's help to be my accountability and my tell it like it is "coach". I was also looking for more satisfying snacks that I would start craving more than non nutritious snacks. It was Lucinda's knowledge of current nutrition and coaching information that got me through my weight loss but also provided me with a couple a a-ha! moments when I knew what I was eating wasn't great for me. Lucinda was there for me even on the days when I stepped on the scale and it was bad news, she was there with encouraging information, great recipes and just the coach I needed! I'm now on a better path to health while giving myself a treat once in a blue moon..."

Lindsay C.

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