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Finding Joy- Who's your cheerleader?

There are weeks I wish I didn't have to tell you about how this journey's going. On weeks that I'm on track and losing weight I want to shout it out to everyone, and when I'm struggling I want to hide my struggles. The last thing we want to do is face our own shortcomings in a public setting, but I committed to this journey with Lucinda and so even when I sit here staring at my screen thinking, "what can I possibly share about my HORRIBLE week?", I remember that everyone does this. We are on the ball, then off, then on, and back and forth. For me, I struggle with keeping my food, hunger, exercise and mental health to the top of my already busy schedule. The busier I get, the less time I spend thinking about myself. The one thing that keeps me on track is my coach. With someone like Lucinda, you can't fall off track for long. My cheerleader is an important part of keeping me on the ball. So, if this is you, if you fall off the ball and can't get back on, get yourself a cheerleader! In the last session with Lucinda, we talked a lot about making me a priority, something we hear about a lot as parents but usually fail miserably to follow through with. Having a chance to see that I was making ME the last priority and taking on a lot of extra commitments that I didn't need to do was eye opening. This week I am committing to doing at least one thing a day to make my life and health better. This means more running, tracking, sleeping, and getting my priorities back on track!

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