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Finding Joy- Move it!

We have all heard the rumors that working out is only a SMALL part of weight loss. I have been working on losing weight for years now and the one thing that I am learning from personal experience about working out, it’s not about your body, it about you brain! Working out is a good brain activity. It makes you happy, motivated and focused on your goal. Finding something you love to do makes it even better and if you find yourself consistently going off track, this could be the one thing that you aren’t’ doing. I have found, that when I am not “eating my exercise points” or really eating a lot after a workout to “reward myself” I start getting into a routine that is really heathy for my mind and becomes about my weight. If you are stuck like I have been, try something fun to get yourself moving. If you haven’t found anything, try running! It’s something very inexpensive to start and you can feel yourself getting better very quickly! If you have NETFLIX I recommend FROM FAT TO FINISH, a great motivating movie J

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