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Finding Joy- Unexpected results of Weight Loss

The unexpected results of weight loss.

This topic was always my favourite one when trying to get motivated. Reading blogs and chat groups about what happens after you start losing weight. Some of it was good and some not as nice, but it was on my mind a lot this week.

It started with a family trip down to Medicine Hat. My family, including two young boys, stayed at a hotel that had a waterpark in the middle. What would normally have created anxiety and stress was a day of playing in the pool and doing so many turns on the waterslide my legs went wobbly! In reflection that night, I realized how many times I choose not to do something with my boys for fear of being judged for my post baby body. Weight loss, however much it is, can really start to change the way that you live your life. I was sad about what I may have missed out on in the past, but grateful that I am able to realize it while they are still so small. all of you out there, making decisions about what you can and can't do because of fear, I say be careful, you could look back in 5 years and realize that you missed out on some amazing opportunities!

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