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Finding Joy.... I may have needed a kick in the ass...

Every now and then we need a kick in the ass! Last week was a particularly hard one for me, as I felt down about myself, my journey and that bled into a lot of other areas of my life. For any other A types out there, you know just how hard reaching out to our friends are when we aren't at our best. I have a really hard time acknowledging when I need my friends, avoiding talking about myself seems to be one of my coping techniques. My kick in the ass came from Lucinda who was able to see that and call me on it. We all need a Lucinda in our lives, that friend who is willing to say what other people won't and to bring you back to the present. Talking things through didn't fix it, but it made me acknowledge it, taking away the power I was giving the "poor me" attitude. In only a few days I was able to get back on track. So for all you A types out there, find your Lucinda and ask them to be your champion. And to all you Lucinda's out there, thank you

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