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Sick of making lunches for your kids?

We talk about kids and food in my grocery tour. Part of a child's education is teaching them good food choices from an early age. Let them try the interesting looking vegetables. Let them pick what fruit they like. Teach them how to read food labels. Starting at a young age will set your kids up for healthy habits later in life. Get the whole family involved with healthy choices!

When my kids started school I quickly realized that I don't love packing lunches every night. Especially for the next 12-13 years. I think kindergarten is a great time to get them involved at the grocery store and at home making lunch choices.

There is a "have-to-have" guideline on the fridge that they regularly check and then they get to add additional healthy choices at their discretion. No, a sandwich is not mandatory....

Here's my part..... I chop up veggies and put them into single serving size containers that they can choose from throughout the week. As well, I have a snack drawer that is full of healthy snack choices they can pick from.

Sometimes I look over the lunch and add to it.

If you only have healthy choices in your house, your children will make healthy choices. Yes - YOU - make the initial healthy choices. You also get to teach the nutritional value of an apple (vitamins, fibre, healthy sugars) verses a bag of chips (sorry - NO nutritional values at all). When the kids are packing lunches this is also a great time for you to plan ahead and pack your lunch or prep supper for the next night. Planning ahead and making healthy choices can start early and be done as a family.

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