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Finding Joy September

So this last week and a bit was a big AH HA moment for me. I’m really starting to understand what my body needs to lose weight and I’m actually paying attention to it. For me, this was all about eating when I was hungry. It seems simple enough but try it sometime to see how odd it really feels. I had a big breakfast and to make sure I was only eating when I needed to, I waited until I was hungry…it wasn’t until just before supper when I started to get hungry again. Listening to my body’s hunger signals and actually WAITING until I was hungry again has made my weight start to drop quickly. If you try anything this week based on what you have read in my blog, try this! Don’t eat until you are hungry and then stop when you are just a little bit full. Then wait on your body to tell you that you are hungry again! Trust me, you will be shocked!

Coach's Perspective:

Once you discover intuitive eating, once you know what foods work well for weight loss, you have it. This is the greatest step toward mindful eating. When Joy and I met for her coaching session and she told me this, my reply was ... THIS IS HUGE! Some people take years to figure this out. Knowing what your body needs then doing that- it's pure MAGIC!

It takes some work to actually just listen to our body. Try it - ask questions. Am I hungry or thirsty? Am I actually hungry or bored/sad/tired? Do I really want to eat what's on my plate?

Ask yourself some questions.


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