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Fall Recipes

I think the most common thing that people ask for is MORE recipes. I dont post many.... For this reason, I think it complicates things.

If you think of your meals and food in terms of single ingredients then it stays very healthy and very easy. Here is an example of " single ingredient supper.

Baked chicken breasts with baked potato and roasted broccoli

No recipe needed, just a few great spices to make it amazing. There are many combinations like this to make simple and healthy meals.

I talk a LOT about these strategies in my grocery tour (Next one happening Sept 15 at No Frills in Olds)

That being said I have a few Healthy, yummy (not too complicated recipes to share. Just remember single ingredients, keep it simple. Just use real food and if buying canned food (Coconut milk or Pumpkin Puree, just be sure there is only 1 ingredient on the list, avoid chemicals and preservatives)

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