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Finding Joy and the clean plate club

Are you part of the CLEAN PLATE CLUB? I have been a member for as long as I can remember. Leaving food on your plate was such a big insult in my family, it was never something I questioned until recently. This last week I made a solid effort to eat only until I was full (but not stuffed) and then stop. At work, this meant taking half of a Greek salad that I was eating and throwing it away…REALLY, I put it in the garbage. It felt so strange to me, that I would take good food and throw it away. It really is a mind shift when you realize that everything on your plate may not be what your body needs. And keeping the food for later is not doing yourself any favors…as you might choose to eat that PLUS your full supper later. I’m also guilty as a mom of doing “clean up” on the kids meals. This cleanup is only taking food that would have ended up in the garbage and now part of my weight problem! So if you can take anything from my last week, try throwing out what’s on your plate once you are full, don’t be a CLEAN PLATE CLUB member!

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