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Finding Joy- Just say No (Thank you)

Have you ever worked for a company that did birthday cake? Do customers bring you donuts and coffee? I have a REALLY hard time with this! Lucinda calls it “obligation eating”: eating it when you feel obligated to and not when you are hungry. I find that I eat for a lot of reasons and usually it’s not because I’m hungry. In fact, one of my “AH HA” moments came when I used the phrase “no thanks, I’m not hungry”. For a people-pleaser like myself, this was so revolutionary. I actually had to say it out loud a few times to see that it really was a FANTASTIC way to say no to the cake. Where I might have eaten all the cake I was served and had food regret 30 seconds later, I now can use one sentence to say no. No more cake, no more food regret and goodbye love handles!

No thanks!!

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