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Harvest = Vegetable Christmas

If you know me- You know I get excited about vegetables. Seriously!

Local? Home grown? Still have dirt on them.... Even better.

Real food, nutrient dense goodness. IT all ties in with exactly what I want to live and teach. This time of year is the best!!!! Farmers markets are FULL of veggies, neighbours bring zucchini the size of babies, Friends drop by with 40 lbs of beets.

It's like vegetable Christmas!!!!

I do a fair bit of processing this time of year and I am always looking to learn more...... Here is where things get fun. I have this great opportunity to go and be a WWOOFER

(WWOOF Willing Workers on Organic Farms- is an exchange;

Volunteer help in exchange for food, accommodation and learning opportunities in organic farming/growing and sustainable life practices. There is no hierarchy between host and volunteer, no productivity expectations, no financial transactions, and as such WWOOFing encourages a partnership based on mutual trust and respect.)

I have a great friend who owns an organic Urban farm in Turner Valley. She is a Permaculture expert, teacher and a wealth of knowledge about sustainability, growing your own food and well... just about everything. In exchange for some hard work and help with harvest I will be learning some great food preservation/ farming skills- And I will be blogging and recording my time there. I am excited to share this with you.

Health starts with your food, Health starts in your soil and in your garden. Health starts with fresh nutrient dense food.

I am going to embrace my inner hippy- The journey starts Saturday!

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