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Back into the routine...

September seems to be the month we get back at it. I have a love hate relationship with September. I like routine and being somewhat organised but I love summer!

September is a great time to get started on your health goals... Less BBQ's and beer on the patio.It is a great time to ensure you are planning ahead and doing your food prep. Preparing ahead of time is more than half the battle for your success. You can start the routine now... Sunday night prep time. Planning ahead for healthy lunches for the kids.... Whatever that looks like for you... lets get started!

I have a great program starting September 1- 30 day Jump Start your Health. This is a phone session, a email series and a Facebook support group, it gets you started on your health goals and some support along the way.

Coaching packages are changing and I am offering more online support. Clients will be able to book appointments right from my website- Super easy. I will be sending a link out in next weeks email so you can do that.

New hours for September- Starting September 6. I will be in my office, Tuesday- Thursday 9-4:30pm (Occasional Mondays and Friday)

Prices are changing for some of the coaching packages - If you book in before September 1 you get the regular price and the online salad dressing course for free. So if you have been wanting the coaching and unsure- now is the time to book in.

How can I help you reach your health or Weight loss goals?

Call me to chat and we can create a plan together!


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