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Lessons Learned from carrying the backpack...

My first backpacking trip I was 25lbs down on my weight loss journey. I was working out and eating great and thought I was in great shape. We chose a hike that was harder than anticipated.

I forgot I had asthma. During workouts and everyday life, it offered no problems. Throw on a 25lb pack and high elevation and it became a different story.

There are so many parallels with backpacking and weight loss. The significance of dropping 25lbs and then strapping it onto my back to climb a mountain was not lost on me. 25 extra pounds made my lungs work harder, made every muscle in my body work harder and by day 2 my knees started giving out. IT WAS HARD. It was exhausting..... I walked 12km over a mountain pass and let me tell you, the relief of setting down that backpack was amazing.

Everything felt easier.

Are you carrying some extra weight around? Is is a 10lb pack 15? 30? 80? How is your back? knees? muscles? energy level? All of these things are effected.

How would you feel if you could set that down?

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