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The Coach's Perspective

The coach's perspective- Joy will be away for a few weeks and I will be posting from my perspective. I am not calling it finding Joy because this applies to everyone who has tried to drop weight. So this is for you, and me..

When i coach people I try to teach them about calories, macros and Nutrition. These are key elements to dropping weight and getting healthy. Some people come to me with that knowledge already. Having an understanding of these things are key to weight loss. Understanding these can fuel great success at weight loss. However if you are someone who has struggled with weight and overeating your whole life. If you have tried many diets and they don't seem to " work" . The lasting change happens when you understand why. Most reasonable healthy balanced diets are not flawed. Our ability to control our eating or not desire the foods that block us from reaching optimal health or a healthy weight, might be the problem. When you are willing to look deeper than just the food. Why you overeat? How the food is connected to emotion ? How do you use food when something bad happens?

THAT is where lasting change happens. THAT is where we stop the struggle and overcome the need for willpower. I call it the sweet spot- It is where I know a client is READY and change is going to happen. My goal is that each person can work through the junk and get there. It is all part of the journey...... Let me know if you are ready. It sometimes takes an outside coach to help guide you through it. It isn't easy dealing with the junk, but so worth it.

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