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Summer Questions

I had a few frequent questions come up and I thought I would add the answers here.

1. First of all I had a few clients seem to disappear in the summer months. I ran into a friend a few weeks ago and she says... I am sure I will be back in the fall.... the summer is just so hard... beer on the deck, hot dogs and ice cream..... My answer...

Hey Me too!

Weight loss can be challenging in the summer

(And Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Easter and your Birthday) You get the idea.

Summer can also be a great opportunity to get out and get some exercise and fresh air. Walk somewhere (instead of on a treadmill)

I am here to support you. I get it .... Summer is challenging for me too. So don't quit or give up. I am here to help and support and I have no expectations of perfection. I create a Real Life plan for each individual. So don't quit!

2. Do I have regular office hours?

The answer is - Not in the summer. I am in and out. September 1, I am implementing regular hours, I will also include hours that I am around for people to drop by, say HI, check in and see what I have in stock of Epicure. I will be setting these in August and making sure everyone knows the details.

3. Are any of my plans affordable for the average Joe?

YES I am adding in classes and a few other options this fall as well. My programs mostly average around $55/ month. The classes I offer are from $20-$45 per person. I want everyone to feel like they can access my services. I also offer a free mini session to come and meet me and see how I can help you. My goal is to encourage everyone to eat clean and be as healthy as they can be.

I hope that helps. Have you had a question you have been wanting to ask, that I didn't cover? Just send me an email or call and let me know- I would love to answer it for you.

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