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Summer Bucket List

At the end of June each year I sit down with my kids and we make a list. What do they want to do this summer- what is important and FUN. This year I am making a summer bucket list too.

Here is the challenge. I want you to make one too. Think Health, FUN and getting yourself out there.

Here is mine. (hm... It looks like a lot of walking!)

1. 2 Hikes with girlfriends. Its about the journey not the destination.

2. One day in July or August to hit over 40000 steps on my fit bit.

3. 1 backpacking hiking trip with my husband.

4. At least 3 hikes with my kids and one long wander through nature with no destination in mind.

5. To get my workout in 5 days a week- and involve my kids (long bike rides!!)

6. To attempt to NOT eat all the marshmallows when camping.

Fun right!!? I want to hear yours. Shoot me an email and let me know what your Healthy Summer bucket list looks like.

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