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Finding Joy Week 14

Water! Love it or hate it, it’s such a big part of a healthy lifestyle and I STRUGGLE to get in my daily intake. You name it, I tried it! Lemons, warm water, using flavors, drinking it all at once (that one made me feel sick!), buying “fun” water bottles and trying to log it in an app... Nothing has worked for me until I started using Ulla. This little light straps onto my water bottle and reminds me every 30 minutes to drink and I have really started to notice a difference. If you are a lip stick/gloss addict like me, you know something is going on when you go a few days without wearing any! Keeping my body hydrated has made my whole body happy! So, whatever works for you to keep hydrated, try it, or try something new until you find what works for you.

One of my favorite healthy celebrities is Natalie Hodson. She had this advice to share on her website: A good rule of thumb is to take your weight and divide it in half. That’s how many ounces of water you should drink in a day.

Lucinda's Perspective- Try for a minimum of 3L a day. For every caffeinated beverage 8oz add in 8oz of water. Add in more if you work out or if it is hot out.

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