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Finding Joy Week 12

Life is CRAZY! Between working, volunteering, soccer games, daycare and trying to keep my house in order I find that it’s easy to let food be the last thing on my mind and the last minute easy solution is what wins. While this can sometimes work out for me calorie wise, it’s not putting enough good nutrients into my body. So this last week I’ve made an effort to try eating more fruit, vegetables and to plan ahead. Still, for my busy life, I have a few quick lunch go to’s that I will share.

Clif Bar – This is the one that got me in trouble as I like it so much it was a daily thing. In a day where you can get your other nutrients in this is a good option – make sure to pick one with high protein (20g).

Eggs – Cook up some eggs, add a tomato and a slice of multigrain toast.

Salad – the toppings are endless but I love adding chicken or beans, quinoa, lots tomatoes and cucumbers, sunflower seeds, avocado, lime juice, salt/pepper and balsamic dressing.

If I have to go out my go to options are Edo’s vegetable udon soup (520 cal), Wendy’s new power Mediterranean Chicken salad (430 cal), Subway’s double chicken chopped salad (220 cal + dressing), McDonalds Greek salad with grilled chicken (280 cal), Boston Pizza Mediterranean Salad entrée size (380 cal).

So, with that shared, good luck to you all this week as I will continue to eat more nutrient food and stick to my calories!

A quick note from Lucinda- Watch your sugar on fast food salads!! Remember 40g or less a day. (25G or less a day if you have bloood sugar issues)

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