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Finding Joy- Week 11

Since starting the journey with Lucinda I have learned a lot about myself. I know that when I am feeling good I am more motivated to eat better, track everything and I lose weight. When I don’t feel good I eat and eat and…eat more…and then I feel guilty, making me feel worse. On a recent shopping trip I found a really fun bright pink GAP hoodie. When I first put it on I felt amazing and it seemed to make me look smaller. I found that this last week, whenever I started to feel down I put on that hoodie and I stood in the mirror and talked nice to myself. That was usually enough to turn things around for me. My therapist/coach Lucinda has been really good at pointing out that it’s important to find the “healthy fixes” that make you feel good. If this is something that you struggle with I recommend you try her Sugar Fix seminar! Oh, and if you see me around town in that amazing pink hoodie…make sure you say something nice ;)

Lucinda Here - A Healthy Fix is something that makes you feel great but is healthy. Example- Going for a walk instead of overeating.

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