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Food Prep day...

I talk a lot about "food prep Sunday" This one hour a week (It doesn't need to be Sunday) This can set you up for a stress free successful week. YOU will be less likely to get the " drive through suppers". This one hour a week can save you time and money. I like to do it on Sunday afternoon or evening. It works best on grocery shopping day. It is a great time to pack healthy snacks for the kids lunch and yours. Here is a quick example- I make up 3-4 Greek salads for myself (I leave out dressing and feta until I am just about to eat it) While I am chopping veggies I make small containers of peppers and cucumbers for the kids lunch. This is also a great time to make up other salads or chopped veggies for the week. This should take less than an hour.

The key is that you will have fresh food all ready to eat. We will eat what is ready and easy. It is just human nature.

If salads and chopped veggies are ready and easy, that is what you will be eating through your week. Give it a try. 1 hour a week.

Being prepared sets you up for health and success.

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