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Finding Joy Week 7

One step at a time. That was my motto for the week. Weight loss seems to me like an endless series of small steps in the right direction. If you look up too often to see the end goal it feels like an impossible task, but to look at you feet and make one step at a time, the journey seems less daunting. Nothing was more of an in your face metaphor than the hike I did on Friday. It was a hard one, Barrier Lake Lookout in Kananaskis. The moderate climb in the beginning was difficult right from the start and I wasn't too sure I'd be able to do it, let alone keep up. But with encouragement, friends and a gorgeous view, we made it to the lookout! It felt like a mental hurdle, making the choice every step of that hike to keep going. It's really like this weight loss journey for me, I really don't know how many times I will fall down and get back up again but I do know that in the end the reward is going to be worth every step!

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