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The best views comes after the hardest climb....

I am going to branch out and talk about exercise. Nutrition is my usual jam but I ALWAYS get asked about exercise. Mostly it is new clients saying... " SOO oooo what kind of exercise are you going to MAKE me do??" The answer is none. I am a big believer in exercise. It aids in the process of weight loss and "toning up". You can absolutely drop weight without doing exercise though.

Most people say " please don't say I have to go to Exercise classes/ be a runner/ join a gym/ do yoga..." because those are things they don't enjoy.

First of all just don't do exercise you hate.

Second, please find something you love. It might mean stepping out of that comfort zone and trying a few new things.

I decided to stick to exercise I love. Exercise is great for the mind not just the body. So if you love it, it is that much more effective (and you are more likely to go back and do more.)

I am NOT a runner. I trained a whole season and ran a 5 km race. I decided it wasn't my thing. Nope not a runner. And that is ok......

I DO love to go hiking- nature, fresh air and the sense of accomplishment when you reach the top, or waterfalls or cave or wherever you are headed. THAT is an amazing feeling. We live fairly comfortable lives and rarely push ourselves. I am going to challenge you this week. Get out of that comfort zone, try something new, find something where you get moving and push just a little bit. It is ok if it is walking, gardening, playing at the park with your kids. Just try.

I am excited to share some of the photos of this past weekends hike. We found Joy and she was on top of a mountain.

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