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Does a Plateau mean I am failing?

Here is the senario; You are cruising along, eating healthy drinking lots of water and you are dropping weight consistently and you come to a HALT. Wait ?! What?? You are eating well.?.. you are listening to your coach? you are putting in effort. ..... Here is the temptation. TO QUIT. Why? because why work so hard with no results, just to fail?! Most people quit at this point in the weight loss journey. The question is, is this failing or is it normal?

A plateau is a perfectly normal part of dropping weight. You go down up and will stay the same.... Sometimes for a few days and sometimes for a month. It is your body adjusting or stress, or hormones.... or anything really.

How do you beat a plateau? CONSISTENCY!! You eat right, You drink your water, you get your body moving and stay consistent. Is the scale in charge of your life??? NO WAY. Consistency gets the results. This is when other people quit. This is when YOU call me, get a pep talk and STAY on track.

YOU got this!

Now go drink some water.

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