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Oh Mini Eggs!

When I took my training in Nutrition, the instructor admitted to feeding his kids Cheese Whiz..... Seriously! I could NOT believe it. The NUTRITION instructor. Who does that? I could feel myself climbing high up on my high horse. HE KNEW better! It is junk. ZERO nutritional value. I thought when you know better, you do better. Right?

Recently (like this weekend - Easter) I admitted to a friend/client I was struggling with Mini eggs. Like seriously eating my way through a large bag. She was surprised... LUCINDA??? MINI EGGS? Right?

I preach it and teach it because I live it sister! I struggle with sugar as an addiction. I have also learned I can have an Easter weekend and slide into bad habits and then Sunday night, chuck it out. Back on track Monday.

I preach it and teach it, because I understand the struggle. Not because I have it all figured out. Because saying no is hard for me too. I make sure I climb right off the high horse and stay humble. The struggle is real!

I know a few ways to manage. I have learned when its out of control and all sugar must be cut out. I have learned how my health is affected when I eat too much sugar. I stay off that high horse because I realize we all pick our battles. For the instructor he fed his kids all organic, no dairy no wheat, but just once in a while a little cheese whiz. I think perhaps a year or so later I get why he told us about the cheese whiz. We know better and we all make our choices.

Today I cleared out the mini eggs because I am back on track today. Just remember that holidays happen, Easter, Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, and don't forget camping season. (Remind me to tell you about how I cant say no to a marshmallow. )

I get it....I understand the struggle is real.

I have been there- actually probably yesterday. You got this!

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